A happy, thrilling and fulfilling marriage starts with a great husband as team captain with a great wife as coach working together with their children as star players to build holistic team spirit for a better home.

Many family relationships in almost all contexts end in stress-related illnesses, divorce or a lifetime of unhappiness. Blaming the husband, wife or children for marital problems will not help the family.

TESHO is the solution to problems with all relationships especially those in the family and work place.


MODULE 1: Titles, roles and responsibilities of members of the family team = core module.

The husband is the team captain of the family team…… Read More

MODULE 2: Communication in the family.

Communication is the means by which you express your feelings and thoughts. Your partner is not a magician to know what you are thinking and feeling…..  Read More

MODULE 3: TESHO for the working or business couple.

Without TESHO, two incomes can lead to four headaches….. Read More

MODULE 4: TESHO for the single /working parent.

Many parents have a feeling of guilt when they have to leave their kids for others to take care of…. Read More

MODULE 5: TESHO for parents and children especially parents and teenagers (TESHO Adolescent).

Cultivating a meaningful relationship with one’s teenager is not easy as many parents of teenagers will testify…….. Read More

MODULE 6: TESHO reconciliation.

There is more to reconciliation in the family than “Quit sulking okay !!!”….. Read More

MODULE 7: TESHO tips on how to resolve in-law and step-children conflicts.

Wife-mother-in-law wars are the kinds of war that know no winners….. Read More

MODULE 8: TESHO financial management.

It is not the lack of money that causes problems in the home. Rather it is the lack of team spirit financial management that wrecks havoc with the marriage…… Read More

MODULE 9: TESHO expressions of praise and gratitude.

Many relationships in the family die and shrivel up because of the lack of the fertilizing power of praise and gratitude on such relationships……Read More

MODULE 10: TESHO Prenuptial.

Many young people marry under the influence of passion that they mistake for genuine love……….. Read More

MODULE 11: Tesho for the couple that is waiting to be blessed with a child.

When a couple is anxious to have a child, the waiting period can be hard on the marriage. Without TESHO, they will start playing the blame game………. Read More

MODULE 11: TESHO Sexuality.

A good marriage does not fall from the sky. Husband and wife need to work through the TESHO modules to achieve holistic sexual satisfaction…….. READ MORE

A Word from Dr. Fon Fonong Elizabeth, TESHO C.E.O:

A Great Team Captain And Coach

A Great Team Captain And Coach

What can I say to convince you to become a TESHO fan?

Think about this – If you are not happy with your neighborhood, job, car, church or even friends, you can always change them. Moving out of a marital or cohabiting relationship that has gone sour is more complicated and the scars may last a life time.  Building healthy relationships is the best option for any right thinking person.

Have I convinced you to become a TESHO fan?

I hope that I have.

God bless you. “

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